In 2011 American Honey sought to reposition its brand by targeting a younger demographic, party people who were not only socially active but also those who were likely to continue to self identify with the brand through social media.

To achieve this end, they asked young men and women (Legal Drinking Age to 29) to enter "The Search for the American Honeys." Women could enter to be a Honey by uploading their photos and creating a profile page, and men could sign up to be a judge and enter for a chance to attend the final photo shoot in Austin, Texas.

Applicants could enter on premise at events or online. Once signed up they received a personal URL that they could then share with their social network to gain votes and by extension drive traffic to the site.

Our only assets for the web production was the photography and typography from the 2010 print calendar. We sought to recreate the experience of meeting the honeys at a bar by using the most alluring photos of the girls to draw the viewer into the content.
LDA Page
Home page module 1 on mouse over
Once a potential honey entered the competition her photo would show up here. This selection was randomized because showing only the most recent entries on the first page would put the contestants who entered early in the competition at a disadvantage. Randomizing the selection also enticed viewers to come back for more.
Honey profile page
The inside the bottle page, seeks to share with the viewer the details of the product. Mouse over the bottle label to receive information about the tasting notes and the best way to consume.
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