Below are select examples of logos designed for diverse companies, and events both on American soil and abroad.
Logo for a University in Shanghai. The university has a very iconic tower that they wanted featured as part of the identity.
Logo for a mobile dog grooming service
Logo for an oil field consultancy group based in Trinidad and Tobago
Concept logo for a a natural gas and electric utility company
Concept logo for a moving company
Logo for a strategy company that specializes in launching new alcohol brands
Logo for an environmental design competition.
The logo is inspired by the map of the Brooklyn neighborhood in which the competition was held. Contestants were asked to submit proposals for the redesign of the stretch of Parkside Avenue, between Flatbush and Ocean Avenues. The logo is a graphic representation of the competition area, with the area to be redesigned highlighted in pink.
Concept logo for the Jamaica Festival UK
Concept logo for the ICC
Concept logo for a furniture company
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