KRUPS was about to introduce a whole new line of breakfast appliances to the already overcrowded US market. Most people recalled KRUPS' coffee machines, but little else. Consumers felt that KRUPS was very German: respectable, precise, technical, sleek. But it was lacking in the one thing many of the millennial foodies and coffee connoisseurs were looking for: Emotion.
How do we align cold technical German precision with a passion for food? By focusing on the details. What if we took the attention to detail of the KRUPS machines and paired it with the attention to detail that we put into making that picture-perfect dish? What if that attention to detail showed others just how much you cared? Carefully considered details that delight. And, delighting the ones you love. A duality that became a consistent visual theme in the work.
Print Ads appeared in Trade Publications targeting retail purchasing managers, as well as national Lifestyle and Food publications like Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, HGTV and Esquire.
Digital Videos were more focused on the product details that delight and appeared in
pre-roll and social on Facebook and youtube, collectively garnering over 1.5 million views and counting.
Cinemagraphs were developed for the website and were used in rich media banners and social posts on Facebook and Instagram.
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